A friend of mine, who has not experienced the single life for quite some time, has agreed and challenged herself not to date until the end of April 2010. Knowing my friend, loving my friend-but laughing at my friend in disbelief I took it upon myself to make things more interesting.

So I give you “The Jean Pool”

The Jean Pool

The Contestant: Jean
The Challenger(s): Men
The Challenge: Jean will attempt not to date…anyone! This will come into effect on December 13th 2009, and end (scheduled) April 30th 2010.

Place your bets; see how long Jean will last. The winner gets the loot.

The Pool:

Participants, choose a day ranging from December 13th 2009 to April 30th 2010. The person closest to day, without passing the day in question, is the winner.  And if by any chance the world reverses, and/or Jean accidentally turns herself invisible, whereby being able to make it to April 30th 2010 without having one date, Jean will get the loot.


1) One entry day per person, leaving five grace days in between selected days (this is prevent a classic “The Price is Right Steal”).
2) A “day” begins at 12am, ends 11:59pm
3) The day of the “date” is considered to be the day it begins. I.e. if the date begins at 9pm on January 5th 2010, but doesn’t end until past 12am on January 6th 2010, the winner is whoever has chosen the day closest to January 5th 2010, without passing it.
4) April 30th 2010 is reserved for Jean, herself.
5) Temptation is permitted; in fact, it is encouraged! Let’s make things interesting for our friend. Test her strength and will!
6) The pool will conduct via honour system. We will trust Jean with admitting her [potential] defeat. (And by honour system I mean sending out an army of secret ninja spies to watch every move Jean makes).

Contest Ending/ The Prize:

With the end of the contest, whether it may be at the scheduled end of April 30th 2010 or in January 2010, a celebration involving beverages of the alcoholic kind will occur. The winner of the contest will be rewarded a drink from Jean. If and/or when Jean is successful, thus making it to April 30th without having/ going on one date, everyone involved in the pool must purchase an alcoholic beverage for Jean.

Guidelines of what is considered a “date” with Jean:

Section 1:
Engaging in an activity alone with a male; whom Jean has:
a) recently met, and/or;
b) have not yet established a platonic friendship, and/or;
c) known the male has romantic feelings, or an inclination that the male has romantic feelings, and/or;
d) Jean herself has romantic feelings, or feelings of attraction that exceeds platonic friendship

Section 2:
Engaging in activities where a male outlined in Section 1:
a) attempts, offers, or in fact pays for
i) a meal, and/or;
ii) a movie, and/or;
iv) another activity during the social engagement
v) purchase any form of gift during, after or leading up to the social engagement
b) picks up Jean and drives her to and/or from the social engagement
c) at anytime during, after, or leading up to the social engagement, attempts to, or in fact:
    i) hold hands, and/or;*
    ii) kiss, and/or;
    iii) or hug for more than 30sec*

Section 3:
Engaging in an activity, as outlined in Section 2 with a male, as outlined in Section 1 and another couple, thus making it a ‘double-date’.

Section 4:
Engaging in an activity, as outlined in Section 2 with a male, as outlined in Section 1 and any other person(s), thus creating the classic “third wheel” scenario and/or “hey guys do you mind if i bring [blank] along”.

In an event of clubbing and/or other forms of dancing, Jean may hold hands and/or hug for more than 30secs if and/or when the male is:
a)    Not known to Jean prior to the clubbing activity, and not a male as outlined in Section 1 and/or;
b)    Not known to someone who is known to Jean prior to the clubbing activity
Any breach of the above will be considered a date and thus end the contest immediately.

Exemptions do not include instances, when and if:
a)    Jean has agreed to go to the same dancing event/club with a male, as outlined in Section 1
b)  Jean has agreed to meet a male, as outlined in Section 1, at a dancing event/ club


Will Jean make it? Or will she fall under the pressures of temptation? Only time will tell.

note: I will be updating contest happenings throughout the challenge.