Not too long ago I watched the movie Krull. I would summarize it as: Star Wars meets Princess Bride meets The Neverending Story. Take a look at the Krull trailer:

Though the acting isn’t the greatest, the movie itself was entertaining to say the least. Fantasy with a splash of Sci-fi makes for pure goodness. One scene in particular that springs into mind and by far takes the cake for “WTF” movements is when Prince Colwyn and his army ride their horses to extreme speeds whereby the ground catches fire! BUT WAIT, there’s more. The steeds then defy the laws of gravity (and reality, which gives life to the fantasy/sci-fi genre) to the point where they soar though the night sky. Now, if this doesn’t catch your interest, would an alien who captures a princess in order to bear a son so that they may rule the galaxy, or a fortress that teleports do the trick? You can expect that and more in the wonderful film of Krull. Lasers, swords, and cyclopes!!!! Who doesn’t love CYCLOPES!! Watch Krull.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Oh, and yes that is a young(er) Liam Neeson in the trailer.