For those who know me well enough, you probably have come to realize that I, at times, have very bizarre dreams. If I am lucky I will remember the dream in great detail. I had such a dream some time ago:

A friend and I were at Wonderland and for some reason they built a second mountain, bigger and better. There were several attractions in the new mountain. The main attraction was this water-rafting ride that traveled all the way down the mountain from the very top. I really wanted to go, so my friend and I headed off towards it. The journey up the mountain ended up being a giant maze. It was so hard to find our way through it. There were trap doors and would drop you to a floor below and hidden passageways. It was also cave-like and dark and scary. There were even strange creatures out to get us. I never saw them, but we could hear noises all around us. When we got out of the maze, there was a huge playground. For those who remember when Ontario Place had the children’s play place (and when it was actually still awesome)-picture that, with tonnes of people running around. We finally got through the playground and were now at the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain was completely flat, outside in the open and had a go-cart track on it. But the dream didn’t stop there. Wonderland had closed the track for the day because they was a concert going on! Apparently it was some huge band and my friend and I made it to the top of the mountain just in time, before closing it off to the rest of the public. This concert was also being televised! There were so many camera crews there it was insane. I then asked my friend when he wanted to go down the water-rafting ride and he told me he didn’t want to go anymore! I was so mad! After the death-defying maze, the zoo of people playing in the playground and escaping the creatures, he was going to bail. He said he was going to take the stairs instead! The stairs! How lame is that, I ask you? As we argued the camera crew started filming the concert and wanted to get shots of the crowd. You guessed it, he started filming my friend and I. We were told to act causal and pretend to be talking as he filmed us. All we did was bicker but pretended to be talking about music. It was pretty weird. By the end of the concert I ditched my friend and went down the water-rafting ride on my own, it was fun. I don’t know what happened to my friend after that- I bet he was too scared to go down the ride. ha! Then I woke up. The end.

Here’s a picture I quickly drew up of the mountain I saw-ish in my dream:

"Fun Galore!"

Oh, and if you’re wondering what those black dots are. They’re holes in the caves. Kind of like windows.