I think I have found (one of) my dream lofts . I love the feel and look of lofts, especially “industrial”style. Alas, this will but remain a dream as it is way over my price range, and probably forever will be. I find myself, especially lately, daydreaming about buying my own place in downtown Toronto-how cool it would be and convenient for getting around, and such. There’s always something happening in the city and I love the liveliness of an urban core (says the surbanite). I can’t stop looking at this place. I must have gone through the virtual tour five times straight. If I actually owned this place I would throw the most awesome parties! Another reason I am craving for a place of my very own; I love to entertain/ get together with friends-from board game and movie nights, to bbqs and simple hangouts. Man, it’s so nice, gah! It even has two sinks, not that I need two, but wow this place is awesome.
The only structural limit- no balcony, which I have always wanted, but I don’t think I care anymore. Though, if I combine this loft with another I found I would also have this awesome terrace:

terrace awesomeness

Oh the fun I would have. Sun tanning in the summer, snow angels and snowman building in the winter!
Then there’s furnishing and decorating the loft! This brings me back to grade 8 math. We had this assignment to design our own bedroom. We were given dimensions and a budget to do whatever we wanted. It was a lot of work, but fun and encouraged us to be creative.  By having a place of my own, a major expression of creativity could be had. I think I would have a painting party, aka “get all my artsy friends to come over and help me out”. To be fair I would think I would supply some form of compensation…beer?

I daydream far too often. Back to reality I go.