It’s been just over a month and the Jean Pool is free from mutation. Though, (like other pools) the Jean Pool is not free from ripples, our friend Jean still has her head above the water. One such rippling situation involved a person (yes a man-ow the intrigue), whom Jean had met at a social function, asking Jean to go shopping.

Consider these facts:

1) Jean and the man in question just met at the time

1b) They were not friends prior

2) A sense of attraction- and not merely platonic attraction-was present

3) The idea of going shopping with someone you just met seems like an easy excuse to spend time together and make a move.

4) Down to the point- it pretty much violates all of Section 1 in the guidelines (see previous post post below on December 11thth 2009 in “Contests”).

As this happened Jean quickly called me and inquired about the possible date status. After careful consideration-actually it was blatantly obvious (and not just to me) -this guy was asking Jean on a date! But the decision to “go out” ultimately was up to Jean and in the end she stayed true to the pool.

Ripple Effect Number Two: “The Tale of the Last Date Guy”. Jean’s last date (12.13.09) asked Jean to “hang out”. He knows about the pool, but is this relationship truly “platonic”? The panel says “no”! Jean aware of this as well has chosen to stay in the pool and avoid the temptation of drying off.
To conclude the babble: Jean Pool is still intact. 

I myself am nearing my date in the pool and am beginning to believe I may be out…hmmm I still a bit of time. *evil stare and snare*