It’s funny how the little things (even if it’s for a split second) can spark up memories, especially distant ones. Things such as the faint scent of cologne or perfume putting thoughts one of loved ones in our mind; or even air fresheners which make us picture our grandparents’ place. Certain songs reminding us of the good times we’ve experienced, and at times, the bad we’ve tried so hard to forget. And of course, there are always photos- but that pretty much goes without saying. Sure, they’re nice to look at, but I believe that there are many other things that can elicit much stronger feelings.
I find myself reminiscing through music quite often. Apart from scent, which oddly and almost immediately sparks up memories more so than most other things, I can replay my memories through music almost as easily as the song itself on itunes. This does not apply to all songs, as such not all scents reminds me of something, someone, or some event which has transpired in my past.
This thought of reminiscing and in particular, reminiscing through music was thought up after attending a radio program recently. The theme of the program was “The 90’s”. Throughout the program many songs were played from the time period, most of which I have not heard in years! Almost immediately I recognized (some of) the songs and could picture myself listening to these songs when I was younger- what I was doing, who I was friends with, and other such things. Needless to say it was a lot of fun and a little embarrassing too.
Another crazy thing is how easily the meaning of a song can change due to memories and how new memories can change the meaning of a song. That may sound confusing in writing, but I like to believe the majority of people know what I’ getting at. This also may go without saying, but it’s perhaps one of the main reasons artists attempt so hard to compose lyrics with meaning-something their fans can relate to. On the other hand, even if I cannot relate to the words spoken throughout a song, if it is playing at a memorable time, I will most likely associate the song with that particular point in my life and the feelings experienced.

Music is a wonderful thing.