“Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address.”-Lane Olinghouse

Indeed. I have spoken too soon.

Tonight the “Jean Pool” will close down. Jean (being the asker) has a date tonight with the one and only: Christmas Shopping Guy (CSG) (see previous post below on January 13th in “Contests”). I personally don’t blame Jean. CSG beat the odds has come back into the picture and I wish them both a successful date. The official count 6 weeks-minus 2 days! It might have been Murphy’s Law or simply Jean’s power of attraction, and powerlessness (just go with me on that one) to her competitors, but it is what it is.

This contest has also gotten me thinking a bit. As human beings we long to have someone, we’re brought up being taught that as we grow up we find a partner with whom we continue our lives. Human Nature: the biological urge to find someone so that human existence continues. Socialization: we grow up, date, marry, have kids etc etc etc. But this is not the case for everyone. Not all will marry. Not all WANT to date, marry and have kids etc etc etc; in fact there are many who choose the life of solitude or other lifestyles. Hmmm my train of thought has been interrupted and has stirred from far the initial point of this post (I apologize). I guess what I’m trying to say is, in this particular case we held a contest to restrict “dating”. We had a contest to restrict an urge- though funny and amusing- how long could it possibly have last? Nothing wrong with solitude, but I for one would not choose it. It’s also interesting to see how individuals find each other, while others don’t and at times that’s difficult to change, sadly. Should we just be patient or is that just a saying to “sugar-coat” the situation? Bah! I’m going to stop thinking of this.

Back to the contest. Another question what still lies in the wakes of my mind. If the date did not work out for whatever reason, could Jean still be accountable for her actions? In most cases where one breaks the law (or in this case “Guidelines for Dating”), or if an individual has the intention, but delivers no action, that person still can be charged for said offence. Bringing this to the issue of Jean-can it be argued that she could have been guilty of “Attempted Dating”? Unfortunately, since it wasn’t outlined in the guidelines I guess I cannot argue this case; time for a revision for next time ;).

But in the end it doesn’t really matter, the contest was fun while it lasted and it gave us all an opportunity to tease Jean in a loveable way.

Ironically (but not entirely) I have won the pool! (with my date being Jan 20th- and funny it was the day Jean called me with news of her proposed date). Now for the important question: What drink shall I request for my prize?