One thing I have realized on the drive to and from work everyday is that I really appreciate the “thank you wave”. It may be a very small gesture but it goes a long way.

I drive with traffic as part of my daily routine and everyday I witness the aggressiveness some drivers possess. We all have our moments and sure, doing the 9-5 or 8-5 thing plus an hour commute can take its toll on most, but some drivers are just jerks.

There has been more than enough times where I find myself in a sea of bumper to bumper cars and the idiots who don’t make room for others to get in. I have witnessed a couple very close calls which almost resulted in collision due to this stubbornness. I like to call this game “Jerk Chicken” – which jerk driver will back off making room for the other first? There are no winners- you’ll all get to your destination, so chill.

We’ve all been in the situation where we want to, for example, get on the highway but are refused to be let in, so the next time someone tries to merge in front of you-remember that, my friend.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t always let cars go in front of me but for the most part I do. There are however, a few “type drivers” that I am hesitant towards. The number one= “the shoulder driver”. You know the type, the driver who merges off the lane, drives on the shoulder to bypass traffic, then tries to merge back on the lane long ways ahead. “You think you’re more important than the rest of us? Sorry buddy- that’s just not cool and frankly pretty dangerous.”

Overall, whenever I make room and let other drivers merge in front of me I always wait to see if I get a thank you wave. It may be weird, it may be a little nerdy, but I really do look forward to it. And for all those who don’t give one…what’s up with that?

So in closing, fellow drivers: be cautious, be courteous and give “thank you waves”. You never know- you just make someone’s day a little better, or at least-a little less frustrating.


I often read articles on the CBC page, along with the comments from others readers. Lately I have noticed a lot of opinions about bringing back the death penalty in Canada. I for one am very much against the death penalty, always have been. However, to my own surprise this was altered a few weeks ago.

I went to see the film “The Lovely Bones”; there is one scene in particular that really tug at my emotions. For anyone who has seen the film, it was the moment where the main character performs a monologue (what say you) which recaptured all the past murders, committed by her own murderer. It was quite intense and I found myself hating this character; wanting this character to suffer as well. Then I stopped myself and reexamined my thoughts and feelings to compare what I have studied in school. All the programs and the success/ failure rates on the different forms of “punishment”; simply put: capital punishment is not very effective.

Going back to the CBC article comments, when I read the entries on pro-capital punishment, I could sense a lot of emotion; a direct reaction to what had been read in the corresponding article. This is exactly, how I felt (for a few moments) when I watched “The Lovely Bones”, but then I took a few moments to think. I can understand why individuals might favour capital punishment, and I can even respect their reasoning, if and only if, it is not driven by pure emotion or vengeance, which is how I interpreted many of the comments from the articles as being so.

One thing which remains in the back of my mind, and I cannot escape is the question: “would feel the same way if I was personally affected by such horrible events which warrant capital punishment?” I would like believe I would hold my ground. I absolutely would want the individual to “pay” for the crime, but to end another life wouldn’t reverse anything and I don’t think it would help me sleep better at night. It may sound odd to hear, but I think I would want to understand what would drive an individual to commit such an act. I would want this information to be used in order to deter and/or help prevent others from committing similar crimes.

As for the “punishment” itself, in one way I see it as, the individual who committed the crime does not value others’ lives, so they may not value their own. Execution for some may be a liberation rather than punishment. This may sound slightly on the simple side; it’s only a small theory.

(As a side note, do I really need to play the David Milgaard card?)

Overall, I favour incarceration, hospitalization, treatment programs and many other lists of things catered to the individual (included: harsher guidelines for patrol, community or labour services, and if possible education and reintegration). Sure, I may come off as slightly idealistic, but I will also note part of me believes there are certain individuals who stretch far from being helped, but again, to deprive someone of their life? I don’t think I can argue in favour of it, for now anyways.

This may be a stupid question to ask, but who here has experienced déjà vu? I always find it crazy when it happens, especially when it involves the most trivial things. Now this occurred quite a few weeks ago, but throughout the day my friend Brad and I experienced déjà vu at least 4 times. It all involved talks that we’d not normally discuss and when it came to the second time around for each of the talks it was with someone completely random (a lot of whom I had just met that day and who had brought up the topic all on their own). Repeated discussions, similar events which we had experienced, and obscure opinions we shared were among the déjà vu episodes. I’m pretty sure Brad and I both used the phrase “This day is freaking me out!!!” ….more than once twice.

So why does déjà vu happen? If memory serves me correctly (from psych class back in Uni), one theory states that déjà vu simply results when one part of the brain processing something before another part of the brain. But, this more so pertains to a déjà vu episode that immediately follows the initial experience. This does not account for mine and Brad’s experience where episodes happened hours later….or does it? Could our brains be that much slower?…nah- just kidding. I also remember reading another theory that states, déjà vu simply happens when a memory is being “recalled”. I guess that would be the case for us. Still, I can help but get an eerie yet, “cool” vibe when it happens, and think about how often it happens and with all sorts of individuals, some of which you did not know before (like in my case) or with two sets of people whom you wouldn’t normally draw comparisons. The Sociology student is coming out again. It’s interesting how similar we can be- how we think, how we act and so forth. A lot can contribute to this, hello Nature vs. Nurture debate! (I won’t go into this…for now). This blog is pretty much a babble.

Today I experienced another episode. Early this morning, a coworker had brought up the movie “Office Space” to explain a situation, than hours later I was talking to my friend Graydon who also brought up “Office Space”. Sure, it was different scene, but still weird and random. Similar thought patterns, associating their own work situation to that of “Office Space”; I know I know A LOT of people do this, but I still found it random.

In a way my déjà vu experience today reminded me of my déjà vu experience from a few weeks ago. Am I freaking you out yet? . [cue “Twilight Zone” theme]  😉

It’s funny how the little things (even if it’s for a split second) can spark up memories, especially distant ones. Things such as the faint scent of cologne or perfume putting thoughts one of loved ones in our mind; or even air fresheners which make us picture our grandparents’ place. Certain songs reminding us of the good times we’ve experienced, and at times, the bad we’ve tried so hard to forget. And of course, there are always photos- but that pretty much goes without saying. Sure, they’re nice to look at, but I believe that there are many other things that can elicit much stronger feelings.
I find myself reminiscing through music quite often. Apart from scent, which oddly and almost immediately sparks up memories more so than most other things, I can replay my memories through music almost as easily as the song itself on itunes. This does not apply to all songs, as such not all scents reminds me of something, someone, or some event which has transpired in my past.
This thought of reminiscing and in particular, reminiscing through music was thought up after attending a radio program recently. The theme of the program was “The 90’s”. Throughout the program many songs were played from the time period, most of which I have not heard in years! Almost immediately I recognized (some of) the songs and could picture myself listening to these songs when I was younger- what I was doing, who I was friends with, and other such things. Needless to say it was a lot of fun and a little embarrassing too.
Another crazy thing is how easily the meaning of a song can change due to memories and how new memories can change the meaning of a song. That may sound confusing in writing, but I like to believe the majority of people know what I’ getting at. This also may go without saying, but it’s perhaps one of the main reasons artists attempt so hard to compose lyrics with meaning-something their fans can relate to. On the other hand, even if I cannot relate to the words spoken throughout a song, if it is playing at a memorable time, I will most likely associate the song with that particular point in my life and the feelings experienced.

Music is a wonderful thing.