This may be a stupid question to ask, but who here has experienced déjà vu? I always find it crazy when it happens, especially when it involves the most trivial things. Now this occurred quite a few weeks ago, but throughout the day my friend Brad and I experienced déjà vu at least 4 times. It all involved talks that we’d not normally discuss and when it came to the second time around for each of the talks it was with someone completely random (a lot of whom I had just met that day and who had brought up the topic all on their own). Repeated discussions, similar events which we had experienced, and obscure opinions we shared were among the déjà vu episodes. I’m pretty sure Brad and I both used the phrase “This day is freaking me out!!!” ….more than once twice.

So why does déjà vu happen? If memory serves me correctly (from psych class back in Uni), one theory states that déjà vu simply results when one part of the brain processing something before another part of the brain. But, this more so pertains to a déjà vu episode that immediately follows the initial experience. This does not account for mine and Brad’s experience where episodes happened hours later….or does it? Could our brains be that much slower?…nah- just kidding. I also remember reading another theory that states, déjà vu simply happens when a memory is being “recalled”. I guess that would be the case for us. Still, I can help but get an eerie yet, “cool” vibe when it happens, and think about how often it happens and with all sorts of individuals, some of which you did not know before (like in my case) or with two sets of people whom you wouldn’t normally draw comparisons. The Sociology student is coming out again. It’s interesting how similar we can be- how we think, how we act and so forth. A lot can contribute to this, hello Nature vs. Nurture debate! (I won’t go into this…for now). This blog is pretty much a babble.

Today I experienced another episode. Early this morning, a coworker had brought up the movie “Office Space” to explain a situation, than hours later I was talking to my friend Graydon who also brought up “Office Space”. Sure, it was different scene, but still weird and random. Similar thought patterns, associating their own work situation to that of “Office Space”; I know I know A LOT of people do this, but I still found it random.

In a way my déjà vu experience today reminded me of my déjà vu experience from a few weeks ago. Am I freaking you out yet? . [cue “Twilight Zone” theme]  😉


“Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address.”-Lane Olinghouse

Indeed. I have spoken too soon.

Tonight the “Jean Pool” will close down. Jean (being the asker) has a date tonight with the one and only: Christmas Shopping Guy (CSG) (see previous post below on January 13th in “Contests”). I personally don’t blame Jean. CSG beat the odds has come back into the picture and I wish them both a successful date. The official count 6 weeks-minus 2 days! It might have been Murphy’s Law or simply Jean’s power of attraction, and powerlessness (just go with me on that one) to her competitors, but it is what it is.

This contest has also gotten me thinking a bit. As human beings we long to have someone, we’re brought up being taught that as we grow up we find a partner with whom we continue our lives. Human Nature: the biological urge to find someone so that human existence continues. Socialization: we grow up, date, marry, have kids etc etc etc. But this is not the case for everyone. Not all will marry. Not all WANT to date, marry and have kids etc etc etc; in fact there are many who choose the life of solitude or other lifestyles. Hmmm my train of thought has been interrupted and has stirred from far the initial point of this post (I apologize). I guess what I’m trying to say is, in this particular case we held a contest to restrict “dating”. We had a contest to restrict an urge- though funny and amusing- how long could it possibly have last? Nothing wrong with solitude, but I for one would not choose it. It’s also interesting to see how individuals find each other, while others don’t and at times that’s difficult to change, sadly. Should we just be patient or is that just a saying to “sugar-coat” the situation? Bah! I’m going to stop thinking of this.

Back to the contest. Another question what still lies in the wakes of my mind. If the date did not work out for whatever reason, could Jean still be accountable for her actions? In most cases where one breaks the law (or in this case “Guidelines for Dating”), or if an individual has the intention, but delivers no action, that person still can be charged for said offence. Bringing this to the issue of Jean-can it be argued that she could have been guilty of “Attempted Dating”? Unfortunately, since it wasn’t outlined in the guidelines I guess I cannot argue this case; time for a revision for next time ;).

But in the end it doesn’t really matter, the contest was fun while it lasted and it gave us all an opportunity to tease Jean in a loveable way.

Ironically (but not entirely) I have won the pool! (with my date being Jan 20th- and funny it was the day Jean called me with news of her proposed date). Now for the important question: What drink shall I request for my prize?

It’s funny how the little things (even if it’s for a split second) can spark up memories, especially distant ones. Things such as the faint scent of cologne or perfume putting thoughts one of loved ones in our mind; or even air fresheners which make us picture our grandparents’ place. Certain songs reminding us of the good times we’ve experienced, and at times, the bad we’ve tried so hard to forget. And of course, there are always photos- but that pretty much goes without saying. Sure, they’re nice to look at, but I believe that there are many other things that can elicit much stronger feelings.
I find myself reminiscing through music quite often. Apart from scent, which oddly and almost immediately sparks up memories more so than most other things, I can replay my memories through music almost as easily as the song itself on itunes. This does not apply to all songs, as such not all scents reminds me of something, someone, or some event which has transpired in my past.
This thought of reminiscing and in particular, reminiscing through music was thought up after attending a radio program recently. The theme of the program was “The 90’s”. Throughout the program many songs were played from the time period, most of which I have not heard in years! Almost immediately I recognized (some of) the songs and could picture myself listening to these songs when I was younger- what I was doing, who I was friends with, and other such things. Needless to say it was a lot of fun and a little embarrassing too.
Another crazy thing is how easily the meaning of a song can change due to memories and how new memories can change the meaning of a song. That may sound confusing in writing, but I like to believe the majority of people know what I’ getting at. This also may go without saying, but it’s perhaps one of the main reasons artists attempt so hard to compose lyrics with meaning-something their fans can relate to. On the other hand, even if I cannot relate to the words spoken throughout a song, if it is playing at a memorable time, I will most likely associate the song with that particular point in my life and the feelings experienced.

Music is a wonderful thing.

It’s been just over a month and the Jean Pool is free from mutation. Though, (like other pools) the Jean Pool is not free from ripples, our friend Jean still has her head above the water. One such rippling situation involved a person (yes a man-ow the intrigue), whom Jean had met at a social function, asking Jean to go shopping.

Consider these facts:

1) Jean and the man in question just met at the time

1b) They were not friends prior

2) A sense of attraction- and not merely platonic attraction-was present

3) The idea of going shopping with someone you just met seems like an easy excuse to spend time together and make a move.

4) Down to the point- it pretty much violates all of Section 1 in the guidelines (see previous post post below on December 11thth 2009 in “Contests”).

As this happened Jean quickly called me and inquired about the possible date status. After careful consideration-actually it was blatantly obvious (and not just to me) -this guy was asking Jean on a date! But the decision to “go out” ultimately was up to Jean and in the end she stayed true to the pool.

Ripple Effect Number Two: “The Tale of the Last Date Guy”. Jean’s last date (12.13.09) asked Jean to “hang out”. He knows about the pool, but is this relationship truly “platonic”? The panel says “no”! Jean aware of this as well has chosen to stay in the pool and avoid the temptation of drying off.
To conclude the babble: Jean Pool is still intact. 

I myself am nearing my date in the pool and am beginning to believe I may be out…hmmm I still a bit of time. *evil stare and snare*

I think I have found (one of) my dream lofts . I love the feel and look of lofts, especially “industrial”style. Alas, this will but remain a dream as it is way over my price range, and probably forever will be. I find myself, especially lately, daydreaming about buying my own place in downtown Toronto-how cool it would be and convenient for getting around, and such. There’s always something happening in the city and I love the liveliness of an urban core (says the surbanite). I can’t stop looking at this place. I must have gone through the virtual tour five times straight. If I actually owned this place I would throw the most awesome parties! Another reason I am craving for a place of my very own; I love to entertain/ get together with friends-from board game and movie nights, to bbqs and simple hangouts. Man, it’s so nice, gah! It even has two sinks, not that I need two, but wow this place is awesome.
The only structural limit- no balcony, which I have always wanted, but I don’t think I care anymore. Though, if I combine this loft with another I found I would also have this awesome terrace:

terrace awesomeness

Oh the fun I would have. Sun tanning in the summer, snow angels and snowman building in the winter!
Then there’s furnishing and decorating the loft! This brings me back to grade 8 math. We had this assignment to design our own bedroom. We were given dimensions and a budget to do whatever we wanted. It was a lot of work, but fun and encouraged us to be creative.  By having a place of my own, a major expression of creativity could be had. I think I would have a painting party, aka “get all my artsy friends to come over and help me out”. To be fair I would think I would supply some form of compensation…beer?

I daydream far too often. Back to reality I go.

For those who know me well enough, you probably have come to realize that I, at times, have very bizarre dreams. If I am lucky I will remember the dream in great detail. I had such a dream some time ago:

A friend and I were at Wonderland and for some reason they built a second mountain, bigger and better. There were several attractions in the new mountain. The main attraction was this water-rafting ride that traveled all the way down the mountain from the very top. I really wanted to go, so my friend and I headed off towards it. The journey up the mountain ended up being a giant maze. It was so hard to find our way through it. There were trap doors and would drop you to a floor below and hidden passageways. It was also cave-like and dark and scary. There were even strange creatures out to get us. I never saw them, but we could hear noises all around us. When we got out of the maze, there was a huge playground. For those who remember when Ontario Place had the children’s play place (and when it was actually still awesome)-picture that, with tonnes of people running around. We finally got through the playground and were now at the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain was completely flat, outside in the open and had a go-cart track on it. But the dream didn’t stop there. Wonderland had closed the track for the day because they was a concert going on! Apparently it was some huge band and my friend and I made it to the top of the mountain just in time, before closing it off to the rest of the public. This concert was also being televised! There were so many camera crews there it was insane. I then asked my friend when he wanted to go down the water-rafting ride and he told me he didn’t want to go anymore! I was so mad! After the death-defying maze, the zoo of people playing in the playground and escaping the creatures, he was going to bail. He said he was going to take the stairs instead! The stairs! How lame is that, I ask you? As we argued the camera crew started filming the concert and wanted to get shots of the crowd. You guessed it, he started filming my friend and I. We were told to act causal and pretend to be talking as he filmed us. All we did was bicker but pretended to be talking about music. It was pretty weird. By the end of the concert I ditched my friend and went down the water-rafting ride on my own, it was fun. I don’t know what happened to my friend after that- I bet he was too scared to go down the ride. ha! Then I woke up. The end.

Here’s a picture I quickly drew up of the mountain I saw-ish in my dream:

"Fun Galore!"

Oh, and if you’re wondering what those black dots are. They’re holes in the caves. Kind of like windows.

Not too long ago I watched the movie Krull. I would summarize it as: Star Wars meets Princess Bride meets The Neverending Story. Take a look at the Krull trailer:

Though the acting isn’t the greatest, the movie itself was entertaining to say the least. Fantasy with a splash of Sci-fi makes for pure goodness. One scene in particular that springs into mind and by far takes the cake for “WTF” movements is when Prince Colwyn and his army ride their horses to extreme speeds whereby the ground catches fire! BUT WAIT, there’s more. The steeds then defy the laws of gravity (and reality, which gives life to the fantasy/sci-fi genre) to the point where they soar though the night sky. Now, if this doesn’t catch your interest, would an alien who captures a princess in order to bear a son so that they may rule the galaxy, or a fortress that teleports do the trick? You can expect that and more in the wonderful film of Krull. Lasers, swords, and cyclopes!!!! Who doesn’t love CYCLOPES!! Watch Krull.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Oh, and yes that is a young(er) Liam Neeson in the trailer.