One thing I have realized on the drive to and from work everyday is that I really appreciate the “thank you wave”. It may be a very small gesture but it goes a long way.

I drive with traffic as part of my daily routine and everyday I witness the aggressiveness some drivers possess. We all have our moments and sure, doing the 9-5 or 8-5 thing plus an hour commute can take its toll on most, but some drivers are just jerks.

There has been more than enough times where I find myself in a sea of bumper to bumper cars and the idiots who don’t make room for others to get in. I have witnessed a couple very close calls which almost resulted in collision due to this stubbornness. I like to call this game “Jerk Chicken” – which jerk driver will back off making room for the other first? There are no winners- you’ll all get to your destination, so chill.

We’ve all been in the situation where we want to, for example, get on the highway but are refused to be let in, so the next time someone tries to merge in front of you-remember that, my friend.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t always let cars go in front of me but for the most part I do. There are however, a few “type drivers” that I am hesitant towards. The number one= “the shoulder driver”. You know the type, the driver who merges off the lane, drives on the shoulder to bypass traffic, then tries to merge back on the lane long ways ahead. “You think you’re more important than the rest of us? Sorry buddy- that’s just not cool and frankly pretty dangerous.”

Overall, whenever I make room and let other drivers merge in front of me I always wait to see if I get a thank you wave. It may be weird, it may be a little nerdy, but I really do look forward to it. And for all those who don’t give one…what’s up with that?

So in closing, fellow drivers: be cautious, be courteous and give “thank you waves”. You never know- you just make someone’s day a little better, or at least-a little less frustrating.