I have quite a large Kinder Surprise toy collection, and with each progressing year I am finding the toy ideas are becoming a little more odd.

When I was a kid I remember you had to build the toy more so than you have to nowadays. I loved that part the most. My siblings and I would also challenge each other who could build our toys without looking at the instructions. Perhaps that’s when my quirk for not reading instructions for most things began…

Anyways, the other day I received a Kinder Surprise and inside was this little surprise:

"Loooooovvvvveeeeee Mmmmeeeeee, bbbaaahhhhh"

My first reaction = “this is terrifying looking!!!” How did someone come up with this? A lamb with giant hands?! The hands are also connected to a string that retracts. When one hand is pulled, the other starts drooping down. The fingers also can interlock, thus clamping the hands together.

Overall, the toy is kind of neat and I did play with it for quite some time, but it’s still pretty creepy looking. In the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think of Lamb Chop getting into some sort of nuclear disaster, resulting in GIANT HANDS.

… on second thought, maybe that would have made the show even better?

So in closing: I miss old(er) Kinder Surprise toys, mostly for the fun of building them.